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Thanksgiving Cranberry Sauce | 10oz

Thanksgiving Cranberry Sauce | 10oz

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Note: This cranberry sauce was upgraded by Chef Chucho Rojas for the November 2023 season. It is now better than ever. Is is now thicker and has a nicer texture... flavor is just as awesome!

Our Cranberry Sauce, like our Turkey stuffing, was developed and is ONLY prepared for the holiday season. It is a sauce made of cranberries that goes great as a condiment or side dish with your Thanksgiving dinner.

Note that this is a pre-order. These will start to ship a couple of weeks BEFORE thanksgiving OR with your Turkey order (if you made one)

It contains Cranberry, Water, Sugar, Cinnamon, Lime, Lime Zest, and salt.

10 oz / ( 10 servings)

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