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Butcher's Smoky Maldon Salt

Butcher's Smoky Maldon Salt

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Elevate your cooking experience with Butcher's Maldon Smoky Salt, the perfect blend of tradition and flavor. The texture of Butcher's Maldon Smoky Salt is as remarkable as its taste. The pyramid-shaped flakes are a delight to both the eyes and the palate, melting slowly to release their intense flavor. This unique structure makes it not just a seasoning, but also a finishing salt that adds a crunchy, flavorful burst to any dish.

Crafted using age-old techniques, each flake of this exquisite salt is smoked over natural, untreated oak wood, imparting a rich, smoky depth that transforms ordinary dishes into gourmet masterpieces. The gentle smoking process ensures the salt retains its crisp, clean flavor, with just the right touch of smokiness.

Ideal for grilling or barbecuing, this salt brings out the best in meats, imparting a subtle smokiness that enhances, without overpowering, the natural flavors. It's equally at home in vegetarian dishes, adding complexity to salads, soups, and even bread.


Our Butcher's Maldon Salt stands out with its distinct texture and taste. It's a culinary essential that Chef Chucho Rojas, with his profound expertise in blending cultural flavors, has perfected for enhancing the natural flavors of meats and vegetables. This salt is not just a condiment but a testament to Chef Rojas's commitment to healthy, flavorful eating.


Sprinkle it over a juicy steak, roasted vegetables, or fresh salad to add a burst of flavor and a delightful crunch. Its flaky nature makes it an excellent finishing salt, elevating the taste of your dishes without overpowering them. Whether you're grilling, roasting, or simply garnishing, this salt complements a wide range of recipes, making every meal a gourmet experience.

Indulge in the luxury of fine dining with our Butcher's Maldon Salt and transform your kitchen into a canvas for culinary artistry.


Chef Chucho Rojas is a distinguished Venezuelan chef whose culinary journey is marked by a blend of cultural influences and a commitment to healthy eating. His formative years were shaped by early culinary guidance at the age of nine, which was further honed at the prestigious Gregoire Ferrandi school in Paris.  He also worked as a researcher for the French Academy of Sciences under the direction of Hervé This. 

His professional career spans directing notable restaurants, including several Michelin-rated restaurants in Paris, including Au Cocodrille, La Vieille Enseigne and Serge & Co.

Chucho was recently one of the Chefs working behind the scenes with up-and-coming chefs at Master Chef for Latin America. He has led various projects, including directing large restaurants, implementing nutritional programs, and offering consultation for the creation of new gastronomic spaces​

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